Tom Reilly Value Added Selling - Sell Value Not Price

Tom Reilly Value Added Selling - Sell Value Not Price
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In a marketplace too often focused on price, Value-Added Selling provides sales professionals with a market-proven approach for selling customers on the inherent value of a product. Based on a value-selling model proven to work across industries and product lines, this step-by-step book explains how to define value in the client's terms, orient a pitch to fit the client's needs, and close the deal. It gives sales pros the tools and confidence they need to­­now and forever­­deemphasize price in the selling equation.

The Value Added Sales Process

Your customers have come a long way since Value-Added Selling was published twenty-five years ago. More knowledgeable, proactive, and price conscious, they regularly scour the Internet for low prices and have come to expect much more for each dollar they spend.
Ben Gay The Closers Sales Closing Techniques

Ben Gay The Closers Sales Closing Techniques
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This was ripped from cassette painstakingly.

"The Closers Part 1," the keystone of Ben Gay III's world-famous series of books, cassette programs, newsletters and seminars is the most powerful book on selling ever written. With over 2,000,000 copies sold since it was first published in 1980, it explains selling the way it really is, not the way some salespeople wish it was. If you have only one book on selling in your personal library, make sure it's this "sales closers bible"
Timothy Sykes - ShortStocking

Timothy Sykes - ShortStocking
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FINAL FINAL FINAL FINAL weekend of this 50%+ blowout sale HERE on newsletters and HERE on DVDs, I've gotten like 300 procrasitnators who want it for a few more days, sorry guys, I extended it a week, this is the final opportunity...def grab those deals, gotta invest in your education, video lessons like this are key to your success:

Yesterday I posted such an important video lesson on what exactly the SSR (short-selling restriction) is, I encourage alllllll my newsletter subscribers to go watch it ASAP as it influence every single one of my short selling trades, even some of my long trades too (when I buy in anticipation of a short squeeze) Continue reading →
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